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Laura, is a wonderful coach and an even better person. She is the type of coach that everyone wants. She cares about your  progress in her program, so she is constantly checking up on you to make sure you are staying the course. She always has encouraging words of wisdom that always keeps me going, when I hit that rough patch not just in fitness but in life. She leads by example, and would be a great coach to anyone looking to improve on there fitness goals and life goals.
          Errin Owens

My boys started working out with Coach Laura to gain strength and endurance for hockey.  She has given them so much more. Their confidence and mental toughness has greatly improved as she has pushed them to their potential.  Coach Laura truly cares about the athletes she trains and takes every opportunity to make sure they know that!

If I could wrap Laura up and describe her in one a single word, the word would be “Dynamite”!  I have never met another person or professional more Driven, Inspirational, Approachable, Understanding or Goal Oriented all in one package.  Laura Honzu does not understand or except the word failure. I have had the privilege of working with Laura professionally, and I have also been coached by her.  Coach Honzu puts everyone else first, with the intention of making sure you succeed.
          Justin Washburn

I could not have asked for a better trainer to help my son as he prepared for his Senior Year playing hockey!   She used training that was tailored to a hockey player’s movements, not a “cookie-cutter” work-out routine.  She gave him knowledge and understanding of using proper form and technique, the value of good nutrition and hydration, and the importance of setting goals and specific objectives.   Even though the training sessions were very challenging, she provided an encouraging and supportive environment!  Her motivating training style gets results!  He improved his physical stamina, endurance and muscle strength and gained an enormous amount of confidence which carried over to his performance on the ice!
          Medina Hockey Parent

Laura is an inspiring, intelligent and extremely driven coach. Her goals are completely selfless and focus supremely on the betterment of everyone she comes in contact with.  She embodies her teachings every single day in how she leads her own life. I'd recommend her to any athlete looking to mentally, physically and spiritually improve their lives!
          Jensen Lewis

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