• Improve speed, strength, agility, coordination, balance, explosive movement, flexibility & mental toughness
  • Build confidence & teach dominance- playing to WIN vs playing to “not lose”
  • Decrease anxiety that interferes with game performance
  • Improve motivation, concentration, & follow-through​
  • Teach skills to handle setbacks or overcome personal limitations
  • ​Transfer valuable athletic skills into other areas of your life- how you do anything is how you do everything!
  • Empower each other
  • Open communication
  • No egos
  • Believe in people
  • Encourage dreams
  • show "team" dedication
  • Face challenges with optimism
  • Have fun
what you can expect

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  • 15-20 minute 1 on 1 session with a coach every 90 days
    *athletes are responsible for scheduling
  • Nutrition Blueprint- daily eating plan for optimal performance
    *can be reassessed 3 times per year
  • 2-4 90minute training sessions per week- cycling through the 10 domains of fitness *session schedule is your choice
  • Mental Training: Champion Choices, Warrior Spirit, & Goal Setting workshops
    ​*schedule varies
  • Weekend “Acadamies”: focused on jumping, speed, power, strength, &/or nutrition *schedule varies 

athletic capacity

physical ability

mental strength




Relentless athlete training academy

Even in a program about personal skill development we emphasize the importance of the team dynamic. We are better together!

For athletes age 15-21 who know their way around a weight room & are ready to take their training & athletic career to the next level.

                                                                                                        that works to develop well rounded athletes of all ages, abilities, and sports. With RATA, athletes focus on not only building foundational athletic skills- speed, strength, stamina, stability- but also on increasing mental capacity & character- SPIRIT. Through proper training progressions & regular workshops, RATA strives to maximize not only athletic ability, but also injury prevention, lifestyle choices, & mindset management. Athletes work each session to improve speed, agility, reaction time, core strength, explosiveness, power, & absolute strength through a wide range of skills, drills, exercises & workouts that are created by coaches who not only have 12+ years experience, multiple certifications, & college degrees, but also have been in the trenches of high level athletic competition through multiple High School sports, collegiate athletics, power lifting, & CrossFit.

The Relentless Athlete Training Academy is built on the mantra- “It All Matters”, & specializes in enhancing the athletic, physical, & mental capacity of its athletes through fitness, proper nutrition,& accountability. RATA offers a highly engaged, competitive, positive & encouraging environment, suitable to maximizing athletes’ full potential & to pushing them to peak performance. The goal of RATA is to provide the necessary attention, expertise, & emotional support to create athletes who not only perform at their best, but also hold themselves to high standards of character & integrity inside & outside the realm of sports.

what you get
it all matters

1669 West 130th Street, Building 1, Hinckley, OH | 330.730.7388 | coach.honzu@gmail.com

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SPC Registration


For athletes age 12-15 who are new to The Ub &/or weight training/conditioning all together. We will spend 3 days perfecting body positioning for basic movements


rata is a holistic program


ok! i'm in... now what?
  • Self Improvement
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Unselfishness
  • Self-Respect
  • Accountability
  • Self-discipline

Choose the Sports Performance Camp that is right for you and let's get RELENTLESS!

core values

For athletes age 14-17 who have been training at The Ub for less than 2 years &/or have basic knowledge of weight training & conditioning.