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MetCon -(Metabolic Conditioning run by our parters, Xerxes Athletics) -  60- minute sessions focusing on the 10 physical domains of fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, agility, balance, coordination, stamina, & accuracy) Every day is new, different, & challenging! MetCons are created to specialize in NOT specializing, building well-rounded athletes at any & all ages, & every session is scalable to accommodate all fitness levels.

RATA-   90 minute session for athletes wanting to excel at High School or Collegiate athletics, focused on higher level strength, power, stamina, & coordination exercises utilizing a wide variety of weighted & non weighted exercises. Sessions will focus on accuracy & awareness of the clean, jerk, snatch, &/or any of the squat &/or press variations- & will work to test & train technique, confidence, speed, overall capability, & mental toughness under pressure. **recommended for 7 grade & up**

RATA Jr - a 60-minute class directed toward increasing the speed, agility, power, core strength  & confidence of  youth athletes from any sport or ability level. Sessions will be spent doing footwork drills, plyometrics, sprints, & strength work, & end with a WOD (workout of the day). **recommended for 3-6th grade**

Bring a FriendHeld every Saturday morning class at 8:30am, this 50-minute session focuses on getting EVERYONE in on the excitement that is The Ub! Whether you are a beginning athlete, or a seasoned gym veteran, you will have fun, break a sweat,  hone in your skills, AND get to workout with Coach! Start your weekend off RIGHT!

Specialty Courses

Check the events page for Olympic Lifting, Goal Setting, Nutrition, Yoga, Endurance, & other workshops!

Corporate Wellness- A bootcamp-style workouts held at an offsite location of your choice (your office, a parking lot, nearby park, etc). Similiar to MetCon class with no barbell movements. 

Lift LAB - 75-minute session focused on strength, power, coordination & accuracy with the barbell movements & accessory lifts. Each session will be centered around a main lift- bench press, deadlift, clean, jerk, snatch, &/or any of the squat variations- & will focus on training technique, confidence & speed under the bar, as well as increasing strength & overall capability.

In our "Acadamies", athletes will spend 2 hours learning & participating in hands-on topics to take their game to the next level, such as: 

  • Nutrition-  learn to "eat like a champion"- pregame, during tournaments, to gain muscle, burn fat, & fuel for performance & recovery
  • Mindset-  learn "high performance habits" & "champion choices"- strategies to help them perform best under pressure, to use stress to their advantage, to bounce back from adversity, & to set goals & achieve them.
  • Speed- learn the importance of proper form for running through pose running techniques, run drills, & various sprinting & quickness exercises.
  • Jump- focus on correct starting, take-off, & landing positions, core strength & leg power for explosive jumps, & best practice to increase their vertical jump
  • Power- learn plyometric & lifting drills & exercises to increase their explosiveness & quickness of strength output
  • The Combine- our way to test athleticism & gauge improvement. Athletes will be run through a series of events testing their speed, agility, power, endurance, & strength. 

Class Schedule

about us

Ubuntu Athletics  is founded, led & LIVED by Coach Laura Honzu. Ubuntu is an African philosophy translated to "I Am because We Are".  Our training programs & methodologies are established on the belief that we are stronger together, & lasting wellness comes from an synergy of mindset, lifestyle, & energy management fostered in a positive, uplifting, empowered environment!

 Ubuntu Athletics aspires to lead clients on a journey of fitness & wellness breakthroughs in a supportive, energetic, passionate environment. We foster & facilitate lasting lifestyle changes through proper coaching, workout progression, nutrition & supplementation guidance, & leadership through example. We believe everyone has an athlete inside of them, & should be empowered to realize their highest, healthiest potential! We not only coach each individual on healthy habits - nutrition, stress management, sleep, hydration, mobility, recovery, AND proper movement- but we also focus on positive mindset & motivation, & achieving optimal health by  making good choices inside & outside of the gym!

     It's not JUST about workouts or the food you eat, it’s also about who you surround yourself with & what you FOCUS on. Where do YOU want to be in 30, 60. 90... 365 days? How can we help you align your lifestyle choices get there?!! Where your mind goes, your energy flows. We are Stronger Together & committed to changing each other for the better!

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